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RagHouse Season One Finale w/Death Valley Girls/Only On Tuesdays/Hoity-Toity-July 28th 2016-RagHouse Radio

RagHouse Radio started the evening with the out of this world Death Valley Girls!! LOVE THEM!!! And then we closed the studio the second hour with a packed house special acoustic sets from Only on Tuesdays and Hoity-Toity,  who is coming to you soon on the the Vans Warped Tour  in Pomona💜❤️💜!!!

RAG HOUSE RADIO.. Empowering females in music, sports and entertainment!

deathvalley Girls only tuesday

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Alice Bag-July 14th 2016-RagHouse Radio

We were so honored to have Punk Rock legend Alice Bag in the studio with Bill aka Mr. Dr Strange Records himself on Raghouse Radio! RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on

Afraid of My Neighbor/Nerdbot Girls-July 7th 2016-RagHouse Radio

Omg! Such a fun night with Nerdbot Girls and Afraid Of My Neighbor LIVE on Rag House Radio!!! We are not sure if we were doing a radio show or having a party!   Thank you ladies and man for the laughs!!! RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on

Alina Takes Over RagHouse Radio Again!-June 30th 2016-RagHouse Radio

While April is away, Alina will play!   Ok,  April went on vacation and Alina took over RagHouse Radio for the evening playing live performances from bands performing on RagHouse Radio, plus music from bands and artists that have been on the show. RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on  

Two Tens-June 23rd 2016-RagHouse Radio

The Two Tens were our in-studio guests on RagHouse Radio and performed L-I-V-E in studio! RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on      

Jamey Geston-June 16th 2016-RagHouse Radio

 We had 17-year old Santa Barbara-based emerging singer-songwriter, JAMEY GESTON, in the studio performing L-I-V-E in the studio. RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on  

MUSE(Music Unity Sports Entertainment)-June 9th 2016-RagHouseRadio

We had MUSE – Music Unity Sports Entertainment on Rag House Radio! These people are going places and with a 75% female staff and have access to backstage VIP huge events !!!  Watch for them at literally at all huge music festivals!! RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on  

Alina Takes Over RagHouse Radio-June 2nd 2016-RagHouse Radio

Change of plans for tonights show, our guests had to cancel so instead of canceling the show… Alina took over RagHouse Radio for the evening playing bands and artists that have been on the show. RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on  

Meli Malavasi/JFP/Mickey Taelor-May 12th 2016-RagHouseRadio

What blast we had!  We kicked off with Meli Malavasi performing L-I-V-E the first hour, Then JFP and Mickey Taelor performed L-I-V-E in hour 2! RagHouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on    

Barb Wire Dolls- May 5th 2016-RaghouseRadio

 The Barb Wire Dolls were our in studio guest!  Great interview!  They talked about touring, recording, and their residency at the Whiskey A Go-Go for the month of May! Raghouse Radio is L-I-V-E Thursdays 7-9pm pst on

Dalis (Band Manager of the Burners)/Gloria,Hayley, & Poppy (Chicks in Bowls) Co-Hosting-April 21st 2016-RagHouse Radio

Let me just start of by saying….This show was absolutely out of control tonight!! Here is a hint…Gloria Zef, Hayley Havick, and Poppy from Chicks in Bowls co-hosted the show!  You already know the craziness that ensued!  We also  had Dalis, a band manager, discussing her challenges and success and sharing the how to’s ofContinue Reading

Edge of Paradise/ Monique Powell as Co-Host-April 14th 2016-RagHouseRadio

Edge of Paradise were our guests on RagHouse Radio! April was sick and was unable to make it but show must go on…So we had the awesome and amazing Monique Powell from Save Ferris to co-host with Alina!   And to add to the fun…Dutchie, host of 78RPM and A Beautiful Disaster on or asContinue Reading

RagMag Launch (Glam Graphics)/ in Bowls / Turi Ryder-March 31st 2016-RagHouseRadio

What a fun filled pack show we had! We are so excited that the inaugural issue of RagMag Magazine is out for everyone to see! Jessica from called in and let people know about their awesome organization. Then Lady Trample,Founder and CEO of Chicks In Bowls, called in to join the fun. Chicks isContinue Reading

Clare London from Female Frequency -February 25th 2016-RagHouseRadio

Claire London, one of the co-founders of Female Frequency, hung out with us in the studio!  Female Frequency is a collective dedicated to empowering women & girls through the creation of music that is entirely female generated. RagHouse Radio is LIVE Thursdays 8p-10p pst on!

Dianthus with Toxic Kat Productions – February 18th, 2016 – #21

Dianthus with Toxic Kat Productions.

Music and Skates – February 11th, 2016 – #19

Gloria Zef & Hayley Havick of Chick In Bowls started off the show, followed by the musical talents of SpaceCream!

Lisa S Johnson, Nicole Macias, Myki Angeline, VK Lynne-February 4th 2016-RagHouseRadio

What a full packed Awesome Show! VK Lynne from the band Spider Accomplice was our guest Co-Host to join in the fun! Nicole Macias performed LIVE in the Studio and made our jaws drop! It didn’t stop there………We also had:  Lisa S. Johnson, author/photographer , of 108 Rock Star Guitars called in.  108 Rock StarContinue Reading

Hoity-Toity – January 28th, 2016 – #18

REVERIE– January 14th, 2016 – #17

Trio Ellas – December 29th, 2015 – #16

Glam Skanks – December 22nd, 2015 – #15

Save Ferris – December 17th, 2015 – #14

A FULL HOUSE – December 10th, 2015 – #13

Women in Music – December 3rd, 2015 – #12

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts – November 19th, 2015 – #11

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, OC Weekly’s Indie Band of the Year, in studio jamming out!  

VK Lynne & The Spider Accomplice– November 12th, 2015 – #10

Ill Camille– November 5th, 2015 – #9

Rag House Radio’s very own Melissa pulled the guitar off the wall and jammed out an original, which was AMAZING!  Then Ill Camille threw down some of her rap licks!  Great show!

Jamila Ford – October 22nd, 2015 – #7

The smooth sultry sounds of Jamila Ford on this weeks Rag House Radio!

VCD & DJ Suzie – October 15th, 2015 – #6

The Regrettes – October 1st, 2015 – #4

Jessica Meuse & Sunlane Music Mgmt – September 24th, 2015 – #3

Atomafox & The Last Gang – September 17th, 2015 – #2

Hoity-Toity & Crystal & The Cutthroats – September 10th, 2015 – #1

The Girls of RagHouse Radio! April Duran of RagHouse Radio with the girls of Hoity-Toity! April Duran with Crystal & The Cutthroats!